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Carpet Cleaning Doncaster
Carpet Cleaner Doncaster

Carpet cleaning Doncaster

Carpet cleaning Doncaster

Looking for top quality carpet cleaning in Doncaster? You have found us.

For fantastic results every time. With my personal guarantee of satisfaction, you can be sure of great service with Merlin Clean. Don't put it off. Call today

Merlin Clean is a family firm of highly trained carpet cleaning experts serving Doncaster and the surrounding area and villages.

We use the very best carpet cleaning machinery and products for outstanding results. So you don't have to worry about your carpets being cleaned with harsh chemicals that will ruin them and leave harmful chemicals in your carpet to hurt your bare feet and pets paws.

Because we are a family firm from Doncaster, you will never get anybody but us turning up. We are the carpet cleaning firm you hired, and we will be doing the work, we don't use outside labour.

From the moment you call us you are in safe hands. We will give you a fixed price and my guarantee that you will not pay a penny more. Our guarantee doesn’t just cover the price of carpet cleaning though.

We are committed to providing great rug and upholstery cleaning results and first class customer service too. We will respect your home when we arrive and carry out the very best carpet cleaning service that you deserve. The whole family will benefit from cleaner, healthier floors in your home.

As well as your carpets looking fantastic and bright there are significant health benefits to having your carpets cleaned. Allergens build up in floor coverings as you would expect. We deal with that too.

It’s well known that people with existing breathing or chest problems can really benefit from having their floors cleaned and treated by a professional carpet cleaner.

Research has shown that carpets really hold onto a lot of pollutants. From the pollen that comes in through the windows. Through dead pet skin and microscopic hairs, to the pavement contaminants that come from peoples shoes. The carbon monoxide build up that is on clothes worn outside is also a toxic problem.

These particles become trapped in the fibres and moved about again when people walk over the floor. We get rid of these pollutants and can apply carpet protector to leave your carpets easy to clean with just a vac. Looking bright and clean, they are left in a safe condition for you and your family to enjoy.

Give us a call now. it's a great time to have a fantastic looking and great smelling home.

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Carpet Cleaner Doncaster

When you are looking for the very best carpet cleaner in Doncaster, the choice can be overwhelming. So how do you know?

This may be your first time trying to engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner in Doncaster so how can you find a top quality professional to do the job for you?

Most carpet cleaners have a web site. They all give information about how wonderful their cleaning services are. Why wouldn’t they? That was fine years ago, but now you don’t have to be in the dark.

A professional carpet cleaner can now prove their credentials. Merlin Clean can prove that we have undertaken high quality training and that we keep to strict codes of conduct.

We know how to clean carpets. Having been thoroughly trained you can be sure of first class cleaning services. Including stain removing technology. This is important to you because most of the stains on your lovely carpet, we can get out with our standard cleaning services.

Most carpet cleaning companies will charge extra for specific stain removal. It’s fair to say that with some specific stains, we have to charge a little extra to cover the cost of a specialised stain removing product.

However, this is not the norm. have a look at our photos and videos to get an idea just what we can remove with our standard carpet cleaning service. So why should you choose us? Well for a start we are highly trained, qualified and insured. That should be a must before you even start looking for a carpet cleaner in Doncaster.

We use the very best products on your carpet. And we don’t use harsh chemicals that look good just for a few days! This is old fashioned technology at best. Or in the case of some firms it's just a way to extract more of you hard earned money from you. It is just to make you keep coming back to buy more carpet cleaning services from them.

How may times have you heard people say that they won’t get their carpets cleaned again because they get dirty quickly after. Well now you know why.

We use a completely different method. We use a modern system that is clean and does not involve harsh chemicals. Our system is designed to last. We want you to keep that wonderful shine and vibrant colours. Give us a call today for free information and a solid price. Call us today for a free quote:

Call Merlin Clean on 01302 272101 Or Text A Quote 07849 654413 email:

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Doncaster Carpet Cleaners

Looking for Doncaster carpet cleaners? You have found us. We offer the same great service wool and natural fibre carpets as we do on the great modern range of synthetic carpets. A clean, tidy and first class carpet cleaning service that will make your home look and smell fantastic again.

As your local carpet cleaning experts here in Doncaster we will clean and protect your carpets using a process that is both efficient and cost effective. Our service is unique in that we use low impact products and guarantee to respect your home and not leave a mess for the environment.

When you need some free advice, or if you just need us to come and have a look. Or if you want a free quote. Just call, we only serve Doncaster, so we are never far away. We will pop over at your convenience.

It’s important to know that Doncaster carpet cleaners are well trained and on your doorstep. We will deep down clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery to perfection.

Leather cleaning Doncaster

It’s good to know that with our leather cleaning service we clean just as many leather sofas and other leather furniture than we do fabric upholstery. With years of experience behind us we do a really deep clean and always apply a free suitable leather protector to keep your furniture protected for much longer.

If you are not sure of what carpets you have. Don’t worry, we will tell you. We will also offer advice on how to keep your shiny newly cleaned carpets and furnishings in good condition with minimum effort.

With the growth in use of carpets in both commercial and domestic settings. Consumers are starting to understand that carpeted floors get dirty.

This is due to the accumulation of soil in one way or another, depending on your floor type. This will build up to the point where the carpet starts to look grubby. It’s not good to look at and makes it look like it’s not been cleaned. The grit collecting at the bottom of the carpet starts to cut away at the fibres and makes those bald patches. This is one of the main reasons to have have your carpet professionally cleaned. Domestic vac's just can't do it.

This is when you need Doncaster carpet cleaners. We will make it look great again for you.

Don't forget our Disinfecting cleaning services So give us a call, you will pleased that you did.

Phone Merlin Clean 01302 272101 Or Text A Quote 07849 654413

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Carpet Cleaning Doncaster – Using the safest products.

It may come as a surprise to people, but lots of companies out there are using cleaning chemicals that are no good to your health, the health of your family or the health of your carpet.

Using fully trained carpet cleaning professionals like Merlin Clean assures you of safe and conscientious carpet cleaning.

So what do we mean about safe carpet cleaning chemicals? Simply put, some carpet cleaning companies use chemicals that are so corrosive and full of bleach etc that they burn and rot your carpet.

Bleach dissolves wool. It’s a fact. A lot of homes have carpets with a mix of wool and synthetic fibres in the carpet. When someone cleans a spot with something not suitable for the carpet.

They may leave a residue in the carpet that sits there and rots away the wool.

Carpet Cleaning Doncaster – Looking after your carpets.

Simple as that. It means that it may look clean initially, but the fibres rot away and bald patches appear.

You put it down to ware and tear and spend good money on a carpet that should have lasted you many years.

Not only that. A lot of these carpet spotters leave a sticky residue. So again, it looks ok. But being sticky it attracts dust and dirt creating it’s very own dirty patch!

You can’t flush it through with clean water and extract it because you don’t have the professional equipment needed for the job. Who has?

Merlin Clean uses only the very best products that do not rot your carpet. Further more, you can be sure that your loved ones such as children, grandchildren, people with allergies or shortness of breath and your pets will not suffer from the use of inappropriate products on your carpet.

So when you want carpet cleaning Doncaster carried out by well trained professionals that use safe and reliable products at a price that every household can afford. Call Merlin Clean.

You can text us at any time, day or night on : 01302 272101

Or text a quote to: 07849 654413 We will text you back. Call today!

Look at our facebook page for up to date reviews and pictures of our work.

  • Carpet cleaning Doncaster


    Carpet cleaning Doncaster

    How much does it cost?

    It costs from £40 per room to clean carpets. This can be more expensive or cheaper. Some carpet cleaners price by the square metre. Whilst other carpet cleaning prices are by the room. Choosing a local carpet cleaner in Doncaster may be better than hiring an out of town carpet cleaner. As this may lower the price.

    We are pleased to be able to recommend another local service in Doncaster. If you are having trouble with water damage from your gutters. Contact Doncaster Gutter Cleaners. We are so confident that you will be absolutely delighted their gutter cleaning service that we feel we owe it to you to mention them.

    Back to us, don't forger that we use all the best carpet cleaning machines and the safest products, Merlin Clean is able to offer a great carpet and rug cleaning service at a great price.

    You need professional carpet cleaners in your home that you can trust to do a great job without using harsh products. Merlin Clean is dedicated to using low impact, high performance carpet cleaning methods and products. We feel that this is the key to offering a great service.

    Its not just about buying the best cleaning machines, its about going that extra mile to make sure our customers are delighted with the Merlin Clean service.

    Our carpet cleaning service covers all carpets. Being fully trained, you can be assured of a top quality service. Again, high standards comes as standard with us. Merlin clean specialises in delivering a top quality clean with a service that our customers love. Remember, we are the go to firm of carpet cleaning specialists in Doncaster.

    Highly trained in carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. We offer the very best in our field. Our carpet cleaning service always comes with free advice on products that you can use after the work is done to keep your floor looking great with minimal fuss. This is a must after cleaning if you want your carpets and rugs to stay beautiful and protected from pollutants and grit etc.

    It is little wonder that most of our business is repeat business from existing customers and recommendations from delighted customers.

    Merlin clean are your local recommended professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaners. Don't forget that we are fully insured and fully trained with a long history of reliability and quality. So when you are looking for great carpet cleaning professionals in Doncaster,

    look out for Merlin Clean. You will get great service and great value, every time.

    Cleaning carpets in Doncaster is our business. Although we specialise in leather cleaning in Doncaster along with fabric upholstery too. We offer the very best service for the very best value in Doncaster. Helping you keep your home or office looking and feeling great with cleaner carpets and upholstery.

    We have said before that we are highly trained by the National Carpet cleaning Association. Great. So what is that?

    In it’s own words which can be found on the home page of the National Carpet Cleaners Association web site ‘The National Carpet Cleaners Association is the nationally recognised trade association dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, hard flooring and soft furnishings in the United Kingdom

    The NCCA membership comprises fully insured companies and professionally trained technicians that follow a Code of Practice and are recommended for a full range of services related to the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.’

    Carpet cleaners Doncaster - What does that mean?

    Also great, but what does this mean in practice? Well firstly, to become a member one has to have attended the two day intensive training course and passed the written exam.

    The company then has to make an application the association for membership. Proving references and details of other training and length of time in business etc. The membership is granted if it passes the rigorous checks that are applied and is subject to the new associate member taking further training to include spot and stain removal on carpets and upholstery within a year.

    It’s great for people looking for local carpet cleaners in Doncaster because they know that members are answerable to a proper body.

    We are properly insured to clean your carpets and upholstery and you know that you will get a great job when Merlin Clean comes to Clean your carpets and furnishings.

    Carpet cleaners Doncaster - Fresh smelling carpets in your home

    You will be glad you chose us. Your carpets will look bright and good looking and your home will smell fresh again. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you have your furnishings and carpets clean. And what’s more. With our ultra modern products. You will notice that your floor coverings and upholstery do not get dirty as quickly as they used to.

    It will be the very best carpet clean you have ever seen. With our multi stage process and powerful equipment. You will be amazed at the results. So many of our clients are people that have been told by friends and family of the great service that we provide. We live and work only in Doncaster. So you can be sure that we want to keep that great reputation.

    We don’t use harsh high alkaline or bleach based chemicals on your carpet. People do this because it’s the cheapest way to clean your carpet. The problem is. It will destroy your valuable investment. It may be cheap, but you don’t want it.

    Carpet cleaners Doncaster - No harsh chemicals

    You need non toxic properly tested carpet cleaning products. That have been specially developed to clean without having side effects such as children and pets burning their hands and paws. And everything else that goes with toxic chemicals. There is no need to use anything like this. We never do.

    All you get form us is a great looking carpet that lets you have people over. Without worrying what they are thinking about the carpet. No musty smell hanging around, no need to have the windows open before they come. Just a great deep down clean and bright, bacteria free carpets.

    It’s not expensive for us to come over to clean your carpets. Don’t think that you have to have the whole house done all at one. We are delighted to come over just to clean your stair carpets or any single room. We do have great package deals for carpet cleaning but like I said. We are more than happy to pop over to clean a single carpet for you.

    We have all sorts of great options to. From the standard deep clean which a fantastic job. To the clean and protect. This is when we do the deep clean then apply a carpet protector for you to help with those accidents and to keep your fibres in good shape.

    Carpet cleaning Doncaster - How to choose a carpet cleaner?

    Like everything else in this world there is a balance to be found. Unfortunately, we have lots of calls from people that need us to come out to save their carpet. They have hired a carpet cleaning machine and have got themselves into trouble.

    A lot of the time it is over wetting. So now the house smells of damp, it’s not their fault. It will have been the first time they used such a machine. They will have had no training. They will have been sold sticky detergents that just attract dirt quickly. And lots more besides.

    So hiring a machine if fraught with difficulty. Not least, getting the thing home and back on time. Anyway, that’s hire machines. The thing that you need to be careful of the most is training. Does your carpet cleaning firm really understand your carpet or upholstery. Because believe me. There are thousands of fibres out there and a myriad of ways to trash your carpet!

    Carpet cleaners Doncaster - Fully insured

    So, are they insured? Yes, well I can tell you, an insurer still wont pay out unless the carpet cleaning technician has been, and can prove that he or she has been trained and is engaged in an ongoing training program.

    So that leaves you with a conundrum. How do you know that he or she is insured and is trained. Well membership or The NCCA or similar body would be the place to start. It’s a simple question to ask.

    Great, so now you have narrowed the field down quite a lot in your search for a carpet cleaner in Doncaster. Now you want some value. This is a tricky one because, apart from the obvious ‘splash & dashers’. Most of the rest are fully qualified and insured.

    Are they local? Is that important to you? It seems to be for the majority of our clients. We are often told that they hired Merlin Clean because of our local Doncaster address and the fact that on our face book page we have lots of recent reviews for people all over Doncaster. Not from out of town.

    So you are getting closer. You have a list of three or four local Doncaster carpet cleaners. All insured and qualified.

    Carpet cleaners Doncaster - Your local carpet cleaners

    We’re a local family business, based in Doncaster. Not a national firm that sends anybody out wherever they can. When you hire Merlin Clean you get us, every time. We do not use any outside workers, full stop. We are not a franchise either. Why does that matter? Well it’s common sense really. A franchise is a very expensive thing to run. You have the franchise fees for a start. Every month.

    Then there is the employees to pay with all that goes with that. And on top of that, you are stuck with the products that the franchise contract you to use. Then there is the management etc, what is left for the poor franchise owner? That’s why the costs are a lot higher. There are some that fall for it, but not many in Yorkshire!

    Perhaps you might be looking into some of the schemes like ‘trusted trader’ or ‘Which’. Well a great idea before you book is to contact whichever scheme you are looking to trust and ask for a list of disputes they have on file for the firm you are looking at.

    If they say they can’t give you a list. You may want to try the NCCA. Just type that into Google. And ask for a list of disputes and how they were settled for the carpet cleaning company you are looking at. It makes sense. Before things go wrong.

    Carpet cleaning Doncaster - What can they do

    It’s always a good idea to ask what method of cleaning they are offering. Some will try to tell you that rubbing in dry powder and vacuuming out is the answer to clean fresh smelling carpets. What do you think?

    There are a few ways to clean a carpet. We use hot water extraction, low moisture and other techniques. We won’t be coming to give it a cat’s lick. That’s for sure! Look at our pictures either on this site or on our face book page. This is real life carpet cleaning that we do every day in Doncaster. With our commercial clients we offer all sorts of solutions to their problems. You may have seen our videos. We are fully kitted out with state of the art carpet cleaning products and machinery that will tackle even the most difficult jobs.

    Carpet Cleaning Doncaster - We move the furniture

    One of the most often asked questions is ‘do I have to move the furniture’? Well no, We do it. When I say we, there is always two of us that come to clean your upholstery or carpets. It’s all very well saying we will move the furniture. Then only one person turns up and the client is too embarrassed not to help!

    No, there is always two of us. As a rule we don’t move sensitive electrical equipment such as big televisions etc or big book cases or sideboards. The rest we move around and clean under. E will quite often put a plastic tab under a piece of furniture. We do this if we think there is a risk of dye or paint transferring to the carpet during the drying process. You can take these out easily the next day.

    Our process is thorough. We will use care to move your furniture as needed as we pre vacuum. If there are any stains on your carpet we will treat them first. Then we use a suitable pre spray and use our mechanical agitator to make sure the pre spray has made good contact and has done it’s job.

    Carpet cleaners Doncaster - We respect your furnishings

    Move your furniture with care, you don’t have to empty the room.

    Thoroughly vacuum & pre-treat spills, spots & stains where necessary.

    We then use our powerful machine to fully extract the carpet ensuring a squeaky clean carpet that you will be amazed at. There is no fluff left in the carpet like the old fashioned process and the job is almost done.

    We just need to make an inspection and make sure that you are delighted and we will be on our way. Leaving you’re a great looking fresh smelling carpet to be proud of.

    Remember. We are a local Doncaster family firm specialising in carpet and upholstery cleaning. We charge reasonable prices for a first class deep clean of your carpets.

    We have a no nonsense guarantee. If you are not delighted with the results we will clean it again for you. If you are still not happy, we will gladly give you your money back.

    Don’t forget. We move the furniture and replace it for you. Our carpet cleaning process will make you carpet look great. But it will also extend the life of it. When we leave you carpet it is germ free.

    So you can enjoy a great looking carpet and fresh smelling home.

    Carpet cleaners Doncaster - New systems for carpet cleaning

    We don’t use old fashioned methods that flood your carpet with water and push the dirt down. Our pre spray and extract method with our powerful machine. Has a perfect balance of moisture control.

    It’s a big powerful machine, so it stays outside the house. You really don’t want a carpet cleaning machine in your home spewing all the warmed up dust it sucks up out into your room. This is why we use these powerful carpet cleaning machines. They stay outside.

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    Infection control is is the primary way we will will the battle against Covid19.

    We offer the very best in Infection prevention and control and we are a local Doncaster firm.

    So you don't have to worry about bringing in infections from all over the country.

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