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Carpet cleaning products

Choosing carpet cleaning products is really best left to the professionals. But we would say that, wouldn’t we?

But seriously though. What could possibly go wrong with cleaning your carpet with some chemicals that you have brought from the shop or have been given?

Carpet cleaning products – Bleach

A lot of products sold for getting rid of stains on the carpet contain bleach. So why don’t you want that. bleach is a good cleaner, right? Well, no not really. And besides what is it going to do to your carpet fibres?

A lot of carpets contain an amount of wool. There are a lot of carpets that are 100% wool. Well if you don’t know already, bleach will dissolve wool. Try it. Get a piece of wool and put it in a cup of bleach overnight.

Unless you have a powerful carpet cleaning machine to extract the bleach it will stay in the carpet working away at your carpet fibres. So what happens to the carpet? Well the wool parts will weaken and break or just dissolve and you have bald patches on your carpet.



Carpet cleaning products – Cleaning carpets just makes them get dirty quicker

I wish I had a pound for for every time i have heard that one! The fact is that if your carpet gets dirty quickly after it’s been cleaned. It has not been cleaned properly. Now obviously, if it is subject to a mad amount of foot fall and muddy boots, nothing will stop it re soiling.

But if the right carpet cleaning products have been used in the process. Especially the rinse stage, the carpet should not re soil quickly. What happens is that people use the wrong products, then the problem is compounded by not extracting with a suitable rinse.

It is this issue that leads to rapid re soiling of your carpets. They get dirtier quicker because the dust, soil from shoes & socks and general dirt sticks to the sticky residue just the same as if you used washing up liquid on the carpet.

We use the correct products when we clean your carpet, we test the fibres first and then make our choice. The rinse is very important. Any product used must be rinsed out totally.



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