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Carpet Cleaning Service Doncaster

Looking for a Carpet Cleaning Service Doncaster? First of all, when it comes to carpet cleaning there is quite a lot to think about. The quality of the service and the standard of the carpet clean is very important.

We all want a great job done, but at what price? Our guarantee is that we will deep down clean your carpets in a safe and economical way. So what does this mean?

Of course, great value is what we are all looking for but not at the cost of a damaged carpet or a poor job. So we use the very best carpet cleaning products on the market. And we use the latest machinery that gets your carpet drier quicker.

Doing a poor carpet cleaning job doesn’t just stop at the carpet still looking a bit grubby. Many problems can arise when things go wrong and a few stains left on the carpet could be the least of your worries!

So what can go wrong, how does it go wrong and what can you do to avoid expensive and harmful mistakes in the first place. Lets look first at what happens if you go down the route of hiring carpet cleaning machine from your local hardware shop or supermarket.

Carpet Cleaning Service Doncaster – Carpet cleaning machine hire in Doncaster

Lets forget at the moment that hiring a carpet cleaning machine and doing it yourself will probably cost more in terms of money, and almost certainly be a lot more work that you expected. Well no, lets take a look at that right here.

You find a carpet cleaning machine for hire for say £25 – £30 for a one day hire. Off you go to pick it up. The first thing you find is that you are already forking out for chemicals. Well to be fair, you can’t expect to clean your carpets without some sort of cleaning product. But you kind of feel a bit miffed that your bill has now gone past what you would have paid for a professionally trained local firm to do it for you.

Wait though. It doesn’t stop there. Now the guy is telling you that you will need a spotter spray for that wine stain you just mentioned. Nice of him to point that out, oh, and another for that curry drip and what about where the cat had an accident. Now you need a professional carpet stain and odour removal product £££’s, it’s adding up.

Then you have to go and get it. Put it in the car, take it back. And oh, how do you clean stairs whilst holding a machine?

Stains and pet odour control issues are no problem for Merlin Clean. Further more, we do the humping about. Our machine stays outside the house. It’s very powerful, we just have the hoses inside. We do a really deep carpet clean with this kit!

Carpet Cleaning Service Doncaster Merlin Clean prices.

It’s all in plain English though. Take a look at the Rug Doctor web site. It quite clearly states
‘For a little over £30.00 for a 24 hour rental and detergent you can clean like a pro. Well the bill is totting up. Well never mind, you are here now lets just get the thing into the car.

What about that ‘clean like a pro bit’ Well most people tend to take their job seriously. They do all the training and keep up their qualifications to stay current with all the latest regulation the latest techniques and just to be able to do their job efficiently and safely.

At Merlin Clean we are no different. The reason for us to keep going on these carpet cleaning courses is to be able to offer a safe and effective Carpet Cleaning Service Doncaster to our clients.

Carpet Cleaning Service Doncaster what can go wrong?

There is a whole raft of things that can wrong when cleaning a carpet. The carpet can easily be over wet. This is serious issue. Once the carpet gets too wet it can shrink. That is the cost of a new carpet right there. Once over wet you will have to hire a professional to extract the water and use blowers to dry it properly. The reason for this is that a wet carpet in a nice warm hose ids a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

This bacteria soon multiplies and this is where the awful damp mouldy smell comes from. If this is not dealt with very quickly the house will smell awful, and you won’t be able get rid of it without some serious work or having to replace the carpet.

Over wetting a carpet is very easy to do. It won’t look or feel like a flood. It is just a case of using that little extra water than is needed on that particular type of carpet.

That’s just the carpet. when you start to upholstery cleaning, that’s a whole different ball game! Then there is the rug cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service Doncaster – Professional carpet cleaning in Doncaster

A regular work is being called out to people that have tried to use these machines and have over wet the carpet. Putting it right takes time. That’s if we get there time. dealing with the damp mould in the underlay is not just a matter of getting it dry. The smell and bacteria needs dealing with.

Carpet cleaning professionals spend a lot of time and money on specialised carpet cleaning courses. These are run by industry leaders such as the national Carpet Cleaning Association. This is a certificated exam course that covers all the tests that must be carried out before even plugging a carpet cleaning machine in the wall.

Call Merlin Clean your local well trained firm to be sure that your valuable carpets are cleaned safely and effectively at a sensible price.

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Carpet cleaning service Doncaster

Carpet cleaning service Doncaster



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