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Cookie policy Merlin Clean

Don’t worry, you are safe. This the Cookie policy Merlin Clean. We do use one cookie which is called a facebook pixel. You can read all about facebook pixels here Cookies are text files that are stored to be used later for whatever purpose. There is reams of this on the internet if you want to find out more. All we want you to know is that we don’t use any of it.

Cookie policy Merlin clean – We use a pixel

If you are interested in finding out more about cookies and how they work. Just go here for a better explanation of the whole thing. The whole world of cookies and tracking is all there if you would like to know more.

See for yourself what we have in terms of cookies. Use this independent cookie checker. collected this information on 04-13-2016.

Don’t forget, you can read all about the pixel we use here

You can contact us by telephone on 01302 272102 or by using the contact form. Thanks you for reading this cookie notice.

We want your carpet cleaning experience to be fantastic. So if you find anything that you don’t like on this web site. Please let us know via the contact form.


Cookie policy Merlin Clean

Cookie policy Merlin Clean




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