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Leather Cleaning & Repair Doncaster

When we talk about Leather Cleaning & Repair Doncaster it’s not enough to pick the first person out of the phone book or off the internet. When it comes to having your valuable leather sofa or chair cleaned or repaired you need to know exactly who you are dealing with and what training they have done.

We will do a great job on all of your leather items. Whether it is a tiny cut or a complete repair you will be delighted. It is best to get things done while they are small, don’t wait until that cut gets too big. It’s not a problem for us, but the costs increase. So get it done now while the going is good!

Highly trained Leather Cleaning & Repair Doncaster

At Merlin Clean we are highly trained by some of the best leather repair trainers in the country. So much so that we are recommended by them as experts in our field. Training is so important. We get calls to repair the damage that people have paid for already. It usually turns out that an out of town outfit had done a leaflet drop promising the world and just made a mess.

Cat scratches leather repairs no problem

Whether it’s cuts in the leather sofa or cat scratches that need to be repaired. Or you need our deep clean and free leather re protect. We are able to do that for you. We visit you to assess what can be done and explain the leather repair process to you. Then we leave you with a quote to think about and if you want to proceed you will need to contact us by telephone.

Our training program is ongoing so you can be sure that you are getting the very latest in knowledge and materials when we work on your leather. We can renovate and repair any sort of leather from your sofa to your car leather seats that have been damaged.

Our extensive knowledge of the automotive leather industry is in high demand, so you will need to book in advance. We do a great job, so it’s worth waiting for !

Read more about us on our leather home page. There are lots of links to follow with pictures and information. Just look at the site map for the article titles. Do you now know what what type of leather your sofa is made of? This is a handy page explaining leather identification all this with photos of what it looks like under the microscope. And identification photos.

Free leather repair quote – Merlin Clean Doncaster

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Leather Cleaning & Repair Doncaster

Leather Cleaning & Repair Doncaster

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