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Leather repair Doncaster

You will be amazed at what leather repair Doncaster can do for your leather sofa. Everything from cat scratches to cuts and rips in your leather furniture. That’s not all. We can repair your leather jackets and even re colour them too. We are a local Doncaster family firm and we offer our leather repair expertise across Doncaster and the surrounding area.

Leather repair Doncaster – Amazing results.

Whether your leather furniture is recent or if it’s a family heirloom. We know how to take care of it and bring it back to it’s former glory. We are highly trained in the technicalities of leather repair and cleaning. Whether it is reviving the look of a worn Chesterfield or dealing with damage from pets.

Repairing cat scratches on your leather sofa

Cat scratches are very unsightly, but we can do a very good job re working the leather and re colouring the area to match the rest of the chair. If you prefer, we can even change the colour or re colour the sofa to back to new for you.

Specialist repair on leather scuffs

Everyday abrasions and scuffs are hard to avoid on leather furniture. We can sort those out for you too. We need to know exactly what type of leather sofa you have. So we analyse it with the microscope to be sure that we use the correct materials for the job. It sounds obvious, but we have seen all sorts of so called expert repairs over the years and we know people just don’t carry out the proper tests. You can rest assured that we will treat your leather items with the care that they deserve.

Leather conditioner & protector

Unlike some leather technicians we don’t just repair your leather and leave. Included in the price is an appropriate conditioner and most importantly new coats of leather protector. This way we can be sure that your sofa will stay in great condition for years to come. So for all of your leather and carpet cleaning needs, call us today.

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Leather repair Doncaster caring for your upholstery and leather goods.

Leather repair Doncaster

Leather repair Doncaster



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