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Merlin clean prices are always very competitive. But in order for us to give the the latest offers and discounts just call us or text us today for a firm quote.

You can also email us via the contact form.

01302 272101 or text us for a quote on 07849 654413.

Call Now our use or text a quote system. Just send a text with what you want doing anytime day or night and we will text you back:     07849 654413

Leather Furniture cleaning:             Call, text or email for a quote.

Stain protection Scotch guard etc Please ask for current price.

We do not try to beat the bargain basement people out there that will offer you a carpet clean or upholstery cleaning for a very low price and will then come into your home with a wet vat that is on hire from the supermarket and start adding things on as he goes.

Our prices are calculated to be able to offer you the very best carpet clean using the best machinery and chemicals at the very best price possible.

It’s it’s not always true that you get what you pay for. Some people will offer the same service as Merlin Clean for less money. The service that you actually get however will not be the same.

They charge what they do to catch people at a much higher price. Usually because they are very top heavy with management and franchise fees every month. There is nothing wrong with valuing oneself highly. But Merlin Clean simply does what it says on the packet. A first class carpet cleaning service using the best materials for a sensible every day price.

Merlin clean prices

Everybody approaches business in a different way. All you need to know is that you protect yourself and your home from the cowboys and scam artists that populate every industry.

Merlin Clean has undertaken training from the National carpet Cleaners Association and other leading industry bodies. This is your guarantee that Merlin Clean is a proper company investing in training and carpet cleaning machinery and to good level.

Merlin Clean is proud of it’s pricing structure allowing access to clean and fresh carpets to everybody. See our facebook page for latest photos.

merlin clean prices

merlin clean prices



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