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Merlin Clean privacy policy

Welcome to this page. Merlin Clean privacy policy. We have tried to cover all the points that you may be interested in about our private policy. If you can’t find what you need, please just call or email us and we will explain anything that you need to know.

We have tried to cover all the conditions both ways in terms of our web site. We go into the site itself and what we expect from ourselves and our users.

Merlin Clean privacy policy – Terms & cookies

The private policy sets out our policy in terms of what information we collect from visitors and how we use it. Click here for our cookie policy.

Private policy Merlin clean – Web site security

We take your privacy very seriously. This is why we use HTTPS. You can tell a web site using this sort of security by the green padlock. Like your banking site. This is a very secure form of internet security. It is best explained by an expert. Please read about HTTPS
Private policy Merlin Clean – emails and contact methods

We provide a contact form for you to contact us with confidence. We never pass any details to a third party. Everything we do in terms of privacy and communications is to the best of our ability to protect our users.

External links.

All of the links provided on this web site are carefully selected to be of use to you and not as an advert of any kind. If you feel this is wrong please contact us.

Social media.

We only provide links to Merlin Clean social media sites. We have facebook, Google plus and twitter at present. This will most likely be added to as we find things of interest for our visitors.

Facebook privacy policy

Google privacy policy

Twitter privacy policy

Data protection act

Please contact us at any time with any queries. 01302 272101

Please enjoy your visit.

Merlin Clean privacy policy

Merlin Clean privacy policy

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